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I have a love hate relationship with straighteners. Without them, I would look scary 85% of the time I leave my house. With them, I am often faced with a time consuming morning routine that leaves my hair damaged and ready for a haircut more often than I am willing to admit (Hey Kathryn at Salon Blu!) Enter Straighteners

photo via has done the research for you for the Best Flat Irons for 2017. From blade type to budget friendly buys, I can’t help but share their research and findings. Though the full article gives you the skinny on just about every worthwhile 1″ straightener in the market, I have broken their research down below.

Who Won?

10X Straightener

I thought I would start with what you want to know – the best flat irons. Overall, recommends 10X Pro Styling Iron. This unique iron vibrates to reach every hair on your head and works better on a low setting than most of it’s counterparts on high heat. Win, Win. If that isn’t enough, the flat iron is curved at the tip which makes it super easy to get close to the scalp and skip any random kinks or waves a lot of others leave behind AND it comes with a five year warranty. That’s a long time.

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 3.57.09 PM.png

For those of you readers with curlier or more coarse hair that needs a little extra effort, ranks the CHI Titanium Straightening Iron #1. IMPORTANT NOTE: Titanium blades aren’t for all hair – only use titanium blades if you aren’t getting the results you need with a nicer ceramic investment. Not only does this straightener kill the flat iron game, but the beach waves and tight curls it can make are one of a kind as well.

Hot Tools Straightener

Some of us don’t have (or want to use) the funds for the best straightener on the market. That is where the Hot Tools Digital Touch 1″ flat iron. Though this guy requires a few more swipes for the straight, you can’t beat the $60 price point and sleek design.

How Can They Tell? focused on 132 1″ flat irons voted most popular in popular beauty retailers like Ulta & Sephora. Why 1″? Because it is the most versatile size allowing for multiple functions other than straightening including beach waves and tight curls. They also chose to test only flat irons with blades made from either titanium or 100% ceramic – no coatings. This cut many on the market out right off the bat because points out that unlike the food industry, the beauty industry isn’t regulated for a lot of their advertising verbiage. Anything that they couldn’t confirm or wasn’t purely ceramic was cut…leaving the test to 9 flat irons.

    • Amika Digital Titanium Glide Obliphica 1″ Styler
    • Bio Ionic 10X Pro Styling Iron 1″
    • Bio Ionic GoldPro Smoothing Styling Iron
    • Bio Ionic OnePass Straightening Iron
    • Chi Ultra CHI Titanium Straightening Iron
    • FHI Heat Technique G3 Original 1″ Styling Iron
    • Hot Tools Digital Salon 1″ Flat Iron with Titanium Plates
    • Hot Tools Smart Touch Salon Flat Iron
    • T3 SinglePass Luxe 1″ Straightening and Styling Iron

How Much Should I Plan To Invest?

If you want the best…you’re going to have to pay for it. The 10X Pro Styling Iron is on the market for a hefty $230. Y’all are going to think I am crazy but after investing in a decent hair dryer at around the same price I will never go back to the $20 beauty finds. Your hair is worth the investment! And once you go broke, you’ll never go back. Just kidding…don’t go broke. gives you a budget friendly option at $60 for the Hot Tools Smart Touch Salon Flat Iron. Looking for the best Titanium iron? It’s currently on sale for just $90.

Anything Else?

Yes. This extremely helpful chart that I never even knew I needed until now.

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 3.50.53 PM

Going forward, I think might become an addiction. They report on everything from the best natural deodorant to the best chef knives. The best part is that they are impartial and do their own research! No having to wonder if they are getting paid for the content or working for a specific company. Straight shooting facts – which is something we need more of these days.

What article are you most interested in learning about?

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