I Joined 9 Round for 2 Months and Here’s What Happened

I have something that is about to save you a BUNCH of time. Although this isn’t the first thought when someone mentions working out, I quickly learned that 9 Round’s philosophy of a thirty minute high intensity interval workout filled a large gap in today’s working woman’s (or man’s) life. Not only is the workout just thirty short minutes, there is never a class start time. Once you walk in and gear up, your workout begins. It’s a structured class like workout without the pressure of hurrying to get there. Interested in hearing more about my love for this studio? Read on.

1. I toned up.

I have never been that “strong.” Consistently putting cardio first has always just made more sense to me. 9 Round had a sneaky ability to add strength training into cardio and in just two months I achieved a noticeable difference in my muscle tone, specifically in my arms. However – I didn’t only look stronger, I felt stronger too.

9 Round Gym

A Typical Gym Setup

2. I worked out in the AM. 

Sometimes I get on spurts where waking up at 53o to knockout a workout at the YMCA (15 min away) doesn’t seem so bad. Most of the time it is absolutely impossible. Because 9 round was a quick 7 minute drive from the house in an achievable 30 minute time period I was able to set my alarm for six, boogie over to the gym, knockout a workout before 6:45 and be in the shower by 7.

3. I really enjoyed my evenings. 

Because I was able to workout in the morning more, I was able to spend the evenings preparing a better dinner, spending time with friends, or catching up on my favorite shows instead of worrying about getting off work in time for a quick run.

4. I valued the importance of relationships and music in fitness. 

Though I have always been a music junkie, 9 round blasts some pretty killer workout tunes that make it easy to get in, knock it out, and get out. I was also so thankful to have met the awesome people who work there. John, Darius, Dinika and everyone else remember your name, welcome you in, and don’t let you quit the thirty minutes you spend dedicated to your workout.

5. I am more motivated by HIIT. 

Some people scoff at a thirty minute workout. “What’s the point if its only thirty minutes?” As long as you are willing to bring it during those thirty, you’ll be set more than a half-the-effort hour class at any other studio. Yes – the workouts contain the dreaded burpees and jack squats but you can do anything for 3 minute intervals. HIIT drives results.

9 Round Team

9 Round Dilworth Team – photo from Facebook


Interested in seeing for yourself? All 9 Round locations offer a free workout for your first time. For my Charlotte people, I totally recommend 9 Round Dilworth. For those of you in Raleigh, I heard they just opened a studio at Crossroads Shopping Center.

Happy Rounding!



4 thoughts on “I Joined 9 Round for 2 Months and Here’s What Happened

  1. AM workouts are the BEST! Whenever I go to the gym in the evenings it’s always packed out. 9 Round looks ace too. I’d love to try out HIIT, it’s pretty awesome for stamina right?

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