They Go to Our Church

This past week I forfeited my nightly workout and veg routine for the opportunity to volunteer at my church. Donations of clothes from attending families were sorted into a boutique in our lobby. This boutique was to serve those in our community who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford clothing. Families could come and pick out the items they need most for free. It was a blessing to be able to volunteer.

Not only did this opportunity open my eyes to the unsolicited need in our community, (let’s just say there were firemen and police officers shopping) but it established fellowship between church members I wouldn’t have otherwise interacted with.

The second night of my shift, I was working with a man slightly older than me. I would bag the clothes that he was helping some of the community “shop” for. During the time Will was fetching the clothes and I was bagging, another volunteer asked how those visiting knew about this opportunity. Will, in a hushed, sympathetic tone answered “the last two families I have helped go to our church.”

Isn’t it strange that sometimes our perceptions of those around us are so wrong? The person sitting next to you isn’t always exactly like you – for better or for worse. As we enter the holiday season, my hope is to remember the giving spirit. And how that spirit gives light to those around us. We were called to this earth to be a light. Let’s shine not for ourselves, but for others.

We Rise by Lifting Others