Everything You Need for an At Home Pedicure

Don’t get me wrong…there are few things I love more than a salon pedicure. Something about walking in with chipped polish and worn-in feet and leaving perfectly manicured makes you feel ready to take on the world. Unfortunately, my bank account begs to differ.

Over the years, I have had a lot of practice nailing down the at home pedicure. From the soak to the “painting inside the lines”  – every step adds to the effect. Here is what you need to make it happen.

Step 1: Soak your feet in a bowl of warm water and (I bet you think I am about to say something spectacular) body soap. Yep. That’s it. Just the soap sitting on the ledge in your tub. Don’t fall for the crazy $30 soaks….they all do the same thing.

Step 2: Remove polish with Dr. Remedy’s Non Acetone Enriched Nail Polish Remover. It’s $10 to leave your nails healthier and stronger and your house not so stinky. It was created by Podiatrist’s as a healthy alternative to the drug store brands destroying our nail health.

Step 3: Use Amope Pedi Perfect Electronic Foot File to remove course skin & calluses. I got this in my stocking two years ago and can’t believe how smooth this product leaves my feat feeling. I use this on my “problem spots” that include the sides of my big toes & heels that get the most wear & tear in my shoes.

Step 4: Buff nails with a regular nail file. Nails can acquire a stain from polish that has been left on too long (guilty!). Typically this can buff right off after a good soak.

Step 5: Keep feet feeling smooth with Sole Magic Heel Balm. Y’all….if you only buy one product from this post make this it. It looks cheesy but works miracles. Reminds me of something on an infomercial that you cannot believe actually works.

Step 6: Treat the rest of your feet to Archipelago Oat Milk Body Lotion for hydration. Something about this step is the most “spa feeling.”

Step 7: Apply your base coat with Chanel La Base. Yes, base coats matter. Not only do they help the actual, colored polish stick to the nail more, they help with pesky step number 4…the icky spots some polish leaves behind. Invest in a good base product and your pedis will invest in you.

Step 8: Allow your base coat to dry completely before applying your nail color. I am not going to tell you what kind considering I alternate between O.P.I., Essie, Dior, and Dr. Remedy when my nails really need a break. When painting, it’s ok to go outside the lines. Just use your thumb nail to trace around cuticles after tackling each toe.

Step 9: This is important: let your nails dry! Don’t bother with the quick dry sprays…they don’t work. Read a book or watch a show…but DO NOT add your top coat without dry nails. It doesn’t seal as well and ruins your top coat brush. Once dry, top with your choice of coat.

Step 10: Chill out. Don’t put a shoe on or go on a run or get ambitious with a vacuum or something. Light a candle and stay still for like 20 minutes. I promise, if I can do it…so can you.

What are your tricks to a lasting at home pedicure?