Spend VS Save: Furniture Edition

I was lucky enough in Charlotte to have a killer roommate with impeccable taste for interiors. When she moved in before me and furnished the apartment with old antiques in an updated way I was super impressed, not to mention extremely lucky. Now that she is making a name for herself in Richmond and I am in the process of moving back to Raleigh, NC…I am left with a void of many home necessities.

Furniture shopping is hard. Bopping around from place to place in a local “furniture district” is exhausting and you can’t help but think you are going to find something you like even better at the next stop. Luckily, furniture.com makes the tough process so easy! Their website curates the best pieces at the best prices from all different suppliers in one spot. Whether you want a sofa or a side table – furniture.com gives you hundreds of options at carrying prices. I got help from furniture.com to find some more affordable pieces based off of designer inspiration for my upcoming move!

Sofas & Sectionals

I have convinced myself that buying a sofa is a sure fire way to feel “adult.” Nothing says I am a true professional working woman like an investment in good living room furniture. I mean let’s think about this…what other furniture in your home gets more use? I fell in love with this Cindy Crawford Home Madison sectional when I saw it, but found a great Baxton Studio Adele one that does the trick for over half the price! Both have great reviews and both can be found for the best price via furniture.com’s sectional page.

Area Rugs

Hardwoods are great…until you have to find a rug fun enough for the room but neutral enough to match. I literally hate rug shopping and might be the worst at it. However, having the convenience of scrolling through thousands of furniture.com’s selection has made it easy to find these. Plus – for a limited time, you can get 25% off + free shipping on any rugs featured on their site. I found this fabulous, neutral Caelin Gray area rug if you’re looking to splurge on the neutral side. For those of us that aren’t, this super fun Artesia Beige one is is just $263.

Bar Cart

The most important furniture in the house! Just Kidding. Kind of. I have always wanted a bar cart to display my exquisite taste in $10 wine and Tito’s vodka. Also just kidding – I really want it to display some of my coffee table book collection and killer drink wear. Regardless, bar carts have always been wayyyy too expensive to justify…until now. I loved this Safavieh Gold piece but found a Sauder one for $100 less!

Book Shelves

With a collection of coffee table books and love for trinkets, I will miss Sarah’s bookshelf. When looking for one of my own, I need one that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. This Ventura Industrial book case is beautiful but in a small apartment, I could see where it would be overwhelming. That is why when I came across this smaller Yorktown three tier one with the same look I got really excited!

Accent Chairs

Accent chairs allow you to add a pop of color without overdoing it. I love the vibrancy of this Hannah Floral Accent Chair but at $450, it’s hard to call it an addition – that’s more of an investment for me. I found this Diano Roma chair for just $150 that I could add a fun pillow to that would do the trick.

In collaboration with furniture.com


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