Allie’s List: June

After reading Leslie’s List, a series blog post on Cupcakes & Cashmere, I was inspired to start my own. Here’s what is on Allie’s List this June.



SkillPop has been my go to gift recently. It is a website curated by an NCSU grad (yes, I did have to throw that plug in there) that allows local specialists to teach classes on whatever it is they are good at whenever they want. Classes range from Makeup Tutorials to Handlettering Basics to What to Know Before Buying a House. Honestly it’s genius and you better believe I will be partaking. Regular Skillpop classes are only available in Raleigh and Charlotte for the time being but check out their tour to see if they are coming to a city near you.


Seoul Food

Charlotte is growing exponentially and with that growth comes a plethora of unique restaurant options. Last week, Hayden and I decided to try out Seoul Food Meat Co – a Korea inspired fusion restaurant located in Charlotte’s hopping South End. The restaurant served the absolute best wings I have ever tasted. They were fried perfectly crispy but the interior meat just melted in your mouth. I also recommend the Spring Rolls & Fire Chicken. The Ramen Mac didn’t suit my tastebuds but with a menu so large and unique I am guaranteed to go back.


Our State.png

It was a beachy Memorial Day this past weekend. During our time at Figure 8 Island, I gravitated towards the Our State magazines that littered the coffee tables. The magazine curated unique content focused on North Carolina towns. From the best fried chicken in the state to a feature all about Beaufort, I was hooked. They even have their own Our State store featuring local gifts and goodies! I was impressed and highly recommend the read.



Bloodline is back. You better believe I will be binging their third season this summer. Something about the mystery of what looks like a picture perfect family has me intrigued. With so many secrets, they are sure to reveal themselves sooner rather than later.


Release Radar.png

Have you ever taken the time to search through Spotify’s hundreds of thousands of curated playlists? Summer has always been symbolic of the best music releases for me. To stay on top of what’s sure to be heard on the radio, I have started following Spotify’s Release Radar station. The shuffle plays music before they are overplayed on the local radio stations. Artists include Misterwives, Calvin Harris, Bruno Mars and more. My favorites recently include Green Light, Lorde & Chromeo // Wilder, Holmsey // Coloring Outside the Lines, MisterWives // Never Let Me Go, Alok & Bruno Mars


Summer Salad.jpg

Gal Meets Glam occasionally does a cooking contributor. This month she featured three summer salads. While most recipes posted by bloggers are long and require approximately 2459036 ingredients, these seem less intimidating. They would go perfectly with some grilled chicken.

What’s on your list for June?


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