You can’t have friendship without a relationship.

I was excited a couple of weeks ago to finally have a free Sunday to get back to Church. It was the week after Easter Sunday and our sermon was focused around relationships – more specifically, the admirable relationships Jesus had with his disciples and vice versa. No one really thinks about the vice versa. These men were trustworthy friends that bloomed out of a foundational relationship. Without this bond, the disciples would have never done what Jesus had asked them to do.

The whole point of the message was that foundation. Without trust, loyalty, and a genuine care for others – there will never be a relationship. Without a relationship, you’ll find yourself looking for that stability of friendship we could not live without.

Let’s be better friends. Let’s trust with all our hearts, stay loyal to those we love and pray for the best of the most important people in our lives. Everyone needs that kind of relationship.



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