A Weekend of CLT Finds

It’s hard to believe that when people ask me how long I have lived in Charlotte I can confidently reply “two years.” Time flies when you’re having fun! …or when you’re a recent grad just trying to figure out what the real world is. Can I still call myself a recent grad? Ah!

The coolest thing about Charlotte is that although I have been here for a while, I am never at a loss to find hidden gems. This weekend was filled with two of these.

I have always thought of Reid’s for Sunday night dinner. Pick up a pre-made casserole or some delicious meat from their butcher shop for a fresh meal for the week. However, what I had failed to try was their brunch. They advertise it humbly on a chalkboard sign posted right outside the Myers Park location. To be completely honest, I wasn’t expecting much.


We walked in and seated ourselves at the intimate counter. With just a handful of tables and a bar that looks onto the chef, there wasn’t much of a decision on where to sit. First thing you should know about Reid’s…sit here. I was in awe watching the chef piece together each entree like it was the only masterpiece she was working on that day.

Second thing you should know about Reid’s brunch…order the Huevos Rancheros. It was the a reasonable portion, a carfeully thought out combination of tastes, and the perfect way to start a lazy Sunday. At only $9 (a steal for anything at Reid’s), my belly and bank thanked me.

Continuing on with a lazy Sunday, I headed to Cachet after two of my good friends in Charlotte gifted me with a manicure at the hidden gem for my birthday. I had never heard of the nail salon before but was excited to try it considering that during my two years in Charlotte, I have noticed a lack of clean, coveted nail salons.


Cachet was unlike any salon I had ever been to. Their ghastly white pedicure chairs were approximately 10 feet tall and matched the crisp, clean interior perfectly. Once seated, I was greeted by one of their pleasant nail technicians, promptly offered something to drink, and given a basket of colors to choose from. Their unique interior, friendly staff, and impeccable service was unlike anything else I have discovered in this town.

Do you have any hidden gems in Charlotte?


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