A Rainy Day Workout

I was pleasantly surprised on Sunday at my typical afternoon HIIT class when the instructor gave us a handout so that we could take the workout home with us. What a neat – it’s the simple things isn’t it? On days like today when the rain is just begging you to stay inside, show it who’s boss with this 45 minute cardio & strength workout.

What You’ll Need


Set of Weights


Timer (I’ve heard good things about this app!)

The Workout: 1 minute on, 15 second rest

Squat Press

Jump Rope

Lunge into Bicep Curl


Dumbbell Rows

Mountain Climbers

Tricep Overhead Extensions

Arnold Presses

Jump Squats

Push Up into Row

Ladder Climbs

Plank Up Downs

Bicep Curls

Lunge Jumps

Reverse Flies


Upright Rows

Push Ups


Tricep Kickbacks

Sumo Squats

Chest Flies

Leg Lifts

Mountain Climbers

Toe Touches

Jumping Jacks

Squat Hold with Bicep Curl

Butt Kicks

Squat with Alt Leg Raise

High Knees




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