How To: Pass the NC Real Estate Exam!

I haven’t forgotten about Better Late Than Never, promise! I have just been a little busy. And by a little busy, I mean I put my life on hold for six weeks to dedicate my efforts towards a crazy hectic work schedule on top of 9-5 Real Estate Classes every Saturday and Sunday.

If you’re anything like me, you probably think the NC Real Estate Exam is a walk in the park. Sit down, listen, pass. WRONG. It was a complete culture shock how much time and effort goes into this exam. Not only are you bombarded with practice test after practice test, but you have to dedicate time to study in order to pass. Yes, actively study. Not the read the book as you fall asleep kind.


ANYWAYS, enough complaining because after two days of anxiously awaiting my class exam results, I passed. Now I just have to make it through the state exam next weekend and you’ll be looking at a licensed woman. Interested? Keep reading. Not interested? I apologize for this boring post and promise there will be better ones coming now that I have two seconds to breathe.

1. Time It Right. 

There is absolutely no reason you need or will want to take the six weekend classes in summer when everyone else is laying by the pool enjoying the amazing weather. You also might need to think about your busiest time of year at your job and not pick that quarter. This class takes time and both FOMO and work stress don’t help you pass. The end of winter, beginning of spring timing turned out perfectly for me. Weekends don’t work for you? Most schools also offer night classes two/three times a week; however, keep in mind you will spend double the weeks in class. I know most of you are probably asking why I didn’t just take this class online. Here’s your answer: because it isn’t offered online yet. Ugh.

2. Pick Your School.

The best way to pick your school is by referral. Spending 80 hours with a lousy, uninteresting teacher is not going to help you pass so choose a school with a higher pass rate than the state average and teachers that will keep your interest. I cannot recommend Superior School of Real Estate and more specifically, Tim Terry, more. Unsure if the class is a right fit for you? Take advantage of open nights to learn about the class, the school, and the exam before you sign up.

3. Write It Down. 

Literally pencil in the nights you plan to study and how you plan to tackle all the material. Do not wait until the last week to cram it all in – you’ll be drowning in knowledge that is even hard to grasp over a six week period. It’s good information but its a lot of information and checking off a chapter you have scheduled is about as exciting as your six weeks is going to be. Superior helped us stay on track  by requiring certain online tests be due each week. This helped me prioritize what to study.

4. Take a Sick Day. But Don’t Get Sick.

I took a sick day before the day of the exam. I needed to study and dedicate non-disturbed time to the most important chapters and math problems. The day was extremely productive, but I got sick. Karma is cruel. Regardless, DO IT. It helped a ton and without it there is no way I would have passed.

5. Yes, the Exam Takes Four Hours. 

They tell you it takes four hours and you smile and nod and think to yourself “no way this is going to take four hours.” It is. So be prepared – eat a good breakfast, bring a snack if you have to, bring water, bring multiple pencils, and don’t drink so much coffee you feel like a spaceship ready for blastoff.

6. Be Strategic. 

Some questions answer themselves. Mark the ones you aren’t sure of in your book and move on when you don’t know an answer. Many times, another question will answer the one you are unsure of. Another strategic move when studying is to only study the CORRECT answers. Don’t agonize over why you put what you put or else you’ll remember your answer and not the correct one. Just do it – I promise.

7. Take a Buddy. 

Without Hayden in the class with me, I would have suffered from FOMO, no sympathy, no study buddy, no accountability partner and no fun. Misery loves company…? (Thanks Hayden!)

Happy Brokering!





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