Recent Beauty Finds

Ever since I transitioned out of the cosmetics world, I feel like my fluency in beauty has come to a complete halt. I am no longer talking lipsticks, foundations, and facials all day every day. It was the first time I ran out of a beauty product last week and had no idea where to even begin to replenish. Now that I am starting to get low in a couple of products, I am finding bigger, better replacements. I am sharing some recent (and reintroduced) favorites below that have made my morning routine a bit happier.

Your Facial Scrubber + Laura Geller Blush + Morning Burst Facial Cleanser + Chanel Le Volume Mascara + Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery + Archipelago Botanicals Lotion

The packaging designers for Your Facial Scrubber are genius and had me hooked at first sight. This gentle exfoliator has become a ritual for my shower routine. It scrubs the delicate facial skin leaving it feeling softer and healthier than ever. The coolest part is the way the scrubber holds itself in the shower via suction cup & when the verbiage fades on the tag, it’s time to replace.

After Bobbi Brown discontinued their blush/brozer duo palette, I needed a replacement. Though originally scared away by the shine of this Laura Geller Blush I came back to try and was pleasantly surprised. The palette dons the perfect amount of color and shine. For those pale gals like me, I wear “sunswept.”

When traveling to Disney, I grabbed my travel size face wash – this Morning Burst Facial Cleanser. After the first use, I was reminded of the amazing effect of the smell and feeling of this cleanser. I instantly felt more awake on mornings where I thought it wasn’t possible.

This  Chanel Le Volume Mascara is one beauty product I just can’t give up. While I still break out the Lancome Grandiose Extreme for dramatic eyes, Chanel does daytime eyes best with their perfectly simple mascara solution.

This winter when I saw my skin started to look dead, Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery came to the rescue. This extremely hydrating formula is not only a good nightly routine for it’s calming smell but provided instant relief to my dull, tired facial skin.

Though a bigger investment than my typical St. Ives lotionArchipelago Botanicals Lotion is worth every penny. It is light, fresh, and clean – the perfect combination after a nighttime shower.

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