Have More to Give More

During our first day of real estate licensing class last weekend, one of my fellow students stood out immediately. It was a younger black man dressed fashionably who walked in with a rare form of confidence without cockiness. While this in itself was rare, he quietly made his way to the seat in front of me smiling at each of the faces he passed. Fast forward to the first ten minutes of class. Each time a late student would arrive, he would graciously flag them down to one of the few open seats beside him. While no one took the offer, he continued to try to get their attention. I was again surprised and delighted by his interest in people and vibrant attitude.

Fast forward another 30 minutes and the class is taking turns standing, introducing themselves and declaring what sparked their interest in real estate. When it got to be his turn, the man stood up, introduced himself and explained he was a campus minister. His purpose for taking the class was the simple fact that “in order to give more, he needed to have more” and this seemed like a reasonable path. He didn’t stop there. He educated the class, breiefly, on his lifelong dream to own an apartment complex that rented out most of the rooms but saved a couple vacancies “for those that needed it most.”

Inspiring isn’t it?

Happy Hump Day!



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