Bear With Me

I spent my Saturday night grocery shopping, folding laundry and filing my taxes. I know…I am just as surprised as you are. But today I started Real Estate classes. For the next six weeks I will be spending each Saturday and Sunday 9am-5pm in a classroom full of hopeful, ambitious, insane students. This means I don’t have a weekend. Working late nights, prioritizing exercise, and the addition of these classes leaves me little time for myself let alone for others. This is where I need your help.

There won’t be as many posts as I typically like to post. The Sunday-Thursday routine blog posts will turn into an occasional two to three each week here and there. As much as I use this place as an outlet, I am trying to train myself that I just can’t do it all as much as I want to. Even when it comes to saying “no” to my friend’s plans. I am internally struggling with this already.

In the mean time, I am asking you to bear with me, continue the love and support for Better Late Than Never (just not as many times per week!) and cheer me on. As a chronic over-committer I have really outdone myself this time. What comforts me is knowing that every decision we make happens for a reason to simply get us closer to where we are supposed to be.



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