The 3 Most Important Things I’ve Learned from Sarah

I’m lucky to call one of my best friends my roommate. While most caution against living with a friend, it honestly couldn’t have worked out more perfectly. We have a good balance of stepping in when the other is overwhelmed. If someone didn’t know me so well, that wouldn’t even be a possibility. Even though we have known each other for the past 19 years (woah) I have definitely learned more from Sarah over the past two years of living together than I would have ever thought. Thinking about our friendship, there are three things in particular we could all learn from her.


  1. Live a little. Sarah has never been the one to steer clear from an adventure or to say no to the fries. Life is too short to skip a trip or to not order the burger just because you know you should choose the salad.
  2. Independence is important. Not only is it important, it’s essential. I respect the fact that Sarah doesn’t have to have an army behind her whether she’s going to a movie or traveling to California. She is confident enough in herself and in her capabilities to make the most of the situation regardless of who is in her company.
  3. Giving is better than receiving. I am embarrassed to admit that I feel guilty the number of times I have come home and this incredible homemade meal is sitting on the table waiting for me. Over the past two years, Sarah has lived out the philosophy that giving is always better than receiving. Some acts might be small (can I borrow that top?) and some bigger (holy crap you literally made me breakfast, lunch, and dinner today) but she never expects me to return the favor though I am constantly trying to keep up with her generosity.


Happy Birthday Sarah!

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