Allie’s List: February

After reading Leslie’s List, a series blog post on Cupcakes & Cashmere, I was inspired to start my own. Here’s what is on Allie’s List this February.



Come February 26, I will have officially marked the first accomplishment off my bucket list. The Disney Princess Half Marathon weekend in Walt Disney World is going to be epic. Not only do I get to run the race with my dad and brother, but a weekend in Disney will be a much needed reminder of the magic in this sometimes dismal world.



Valentine’s Day has become a unique tradition within Hayden & my’s relationship. Since we aren’t necessarily the “romantic” type, each year we choose to get pizza and watch a movie. Maybe it’s because we like to just enjoy each other’s company, maybe it is because we are low maintenance. Either way, I am thankful to be in a relationship where the pressure of the holiday is lessened with cheese and pepperoni.



Have you seen the preview’s for The Zookeeper’s Wife in theaters yet? The minute I saw it was the minute I decided I have to read it before its debut March 31. The story is that of a zookeeper’s wife who chose to hide Jewish children during the Nazi Reign. Find your copy here.



February 26 will mark the Annular Solar Eclipse. While this spectacular event isn’t visible in the United States, I found a website that will stream the event live with commentary. Though I have never been into the solar system, hearing people geek out over the event gets me interested and I am excited to see for myself the beauty of the event.



Anyone who knows me could tell you I love a good podcast during my occasional stint on the elliptical or stair stepper machine. During my last session, I discovered How I Built This, an NPR podcast about innovators, entrepreneurs, and idealists detailing out how their greatest dreams became reality. The episodes range in topics and interests including Serial Entrepreneur Mark Cuban, the creators of AirBnB, and even Kate Spade herself.



It wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without a sweet treat! After bringing in some cookie’s for a coworker’s birthday, I have somehow become the cookie queen of the office. This Tuesday, I will be attempting these Oreo Cheesecake Cookies. They look easy & festive for a little mid-day pick me up.


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