What To Know When Buying a New Sofa

I teamed up with Traditions, a classic interiors shop located in Park Road Shopping Center, to educate you on what you need to consider when buying a new sofa. Check out the article below or on ScoopCharlotte’s website here.

It makes sense that one of the most useful luxuries in your house happens to be one of the biggest investments. However, you never truly appreciate a great sofa for what it is until you end up with the wrong one. Are you in the market for a new sofa? Scoop teamed up with Traditions, the experts in classic interiors for over 25 years, to make sure you pick the perfect one. So sit back, relax, and let us do the hard work for you.

Chesterfield Sofa

Ask anyone to describe the perfect sofa, and nine times out of ten their answer will be “comfortable.” Tradition’s experts agree. Always take the time to touch, feel, and sit on any upholstery before purchase. Even if you end up with “the best made sofa in the world but don’t like how it feels when you sit on it, you will not be happy, ” explained Traditions owner Sharon Garfield. Happiness is a comfortable seat, so take advantage of the ability to test it out before investing.

Transitional English Rolled Arm

The second most important consideration is your lifestyle. Ask yourself practical questions like ~ are looking for a living room sofa that will be used only occasionally, or for a family room where it will be put to good use every night. Another important consideration ~ do you need ultra durable fabric for plenty of use, or a more delicate option to complete your living room decor. Whatever it may be, taking the time to think through your seating goals will help to narrow down all options.

Traditional Rolled Arm - classic, timeless and comfortable

Finally, consider your personal style. If you tend to prefer a more traditional style, Traditions suggests researching a Chesterfield, rolled arm, or tight back sofa. If you are more transitional and prefer “classic lines with updated features” try an English rolled arm sofa or a modified rolled arm sofa. Modern lovers should seek out track arm or low back sofas for clearly defined lines and minimal, yet sleek, design.

Modern Track Arm - sleek lines and deep seat for a more modern feel

If there is one thing we can all agree on when purchasing a new sofa, it’s to invest in good quality. Traditions lives by these simple rules:

  1. Seek out hardwood. Not only is a hardwood sofa durable, it’s easy to clean, eco-friendly, and timeless.
  2. Ensure your pick has eight-way hand tie suspension. For all of you couch amateurs (including me) this is the gold standard of sofa suspension. While the bottom of your piece’s springs will be supported by webbing, the top is supported by twine, keeping the springs from shifting and therefore lasting longer than your average suspension.
  3. Ask for a sofa that is double doweled with a fitted corner block. There are many ways to connect two pieces of wood but doweling is most durable. Combine that with blocks at each corner to reinforce the frame and you’re looking at a nearly indestructible piece. Avoid plywood at all costs as it tends to pull away from the frame.
  4. Buy upholstery from a company that specializes in upholstery. While this one may seem obvious, this is imperative. Cutting corners to save cost can oftentimes result in a sofa that is just as poor to look at as it is to sit on.

Modern - the result of when craftsmen and artist create a functional sofa

Have more questions before you invest? Whether you are seeking styling opinions or want expert advice, Traditions friendly staff is more than happy to help. With over 25 years of interiors expertise, you are sure to get the answers you need.

Transitional Modified Rolled Arm - an attractive silhouette in a transitional style


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