My roommate teamed up with one of her best friends, a dietician, to collaborate on a week long cleanse based on our current weekly cravings. Four days in and I am feeling extremely satisfied! Whether you are interested in trying the cleanse for yourself or just want to know why we invested, I have outlined all the FAQs below.

Why did you want to cleanse?

While Sarah & I tend to eat pretty healthy (at least Monday through Friday), we have had major cravings and cheat days recently. From Cheese Its to Chips & Salsa, we each have a weakness where we just don’t stand a chance. Add to this the fact that after most meals we ended up feeling overly full.

What was your end goal?

We wanted to feel satisfied and avoid cravings without being deprived. While most people cleanse to lose weight, Sarah and I more want to tone & gain definition. All in all, we want to feel healthy.

What did the dietician say?

Sarah’s friend mentioned that our biggest problem seemed to be that we ate just to eat and were feeding our fat instead of our muscles. She developed a five day meal plan that would cleanse our body of the fat feeders, divert energy & nutrition to our muscles, and target the plaque that can cause heart disease. Since we were to be feeding our muscles, daily workouts would benefit to tone rather than to burn off the peanut butter pretzels we consume too much of at lunch.

What was your meal plan?

We spent about an hour on Sunday prepping for the week. Though meal prepping tends to gross me out, it was so convenient to have breakfasts and lunches ready to go the whole week. Before prepping, keep in mind each portion should follow the nutrition facts on the respective labels.

Breakfast – 1/2 cup steel cut oats, 1 tablespoon of peanut butter, 7 blueberries, and a dash of cinnamon. (Sarah likes hers hot, I prefer cold. It’s delicious either way.)

Mid Morning Snack – 1 Banana

Lunch – Salad (chopped kale, arugula, & spinach with chopped cherry tomatoes, shaved carrots, diced peppers, diced onion, chickpeas, banana peppers, edamame, Kalamata olives, 2 rolls of Turkey), a Cheese Stick, & a Yogurt (Oikos Triple Zero – less than 7G sugar).

Afternoon Snack – 1 packet of almonds or walnuts

Dinner – Perfectly portioned protein (salmon, chicken, veggie burger) with 1/2 sweet potato & a green (green beans, asparagus, brussels sprouts, broccoli, etc.)

How do you feel?

Satisfied. I feel satisfied without feeling overly full – a feeling I had forgotten. I definitely have more energy this week compared to others & can tell that I have more strength for my workouts. I feel healthy.

What was the biggest surprise?

I was most surprised by how much food this was! I felt like this week I ate even more than I normally do and was concerned the plan would backfire. What helps is that I am sticking to serving sizes and therefore meeting dietary needs. My body is being fed what it needs rather than what it wants. I didn’t have to deprive myself to get results.

Would you do it again?

Absolutely! Though we don’t want to stick to a strict routine every week, Sarah and I will definitely consider a week long cleanse once a month. It would be easy to replace our lunch salad with a mexican theme or swap out the sweet potato for another simple carb.

Would you consider a weekly cleanse?

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