9 Round Inspired Workout

One of my Santa gifts this year was a two month membership to the local 9 Round studio. For those of you that don’t know about 9 round, check out my post on when it was my Find of the Week last September. For those of you that do, but can’t muster up the courage to pay such a steep price for a gym, I have created my own 9 round inspired workout I wanted to share. These 30 minute “get in and get it done” workouts are the best and perfect for mornings that you’re in a time crunch (hah – see what I did there.)

Each round will be 3 minutes. Use this Youtube timer to keep you on track. If you aren’t sure what one of the moves is, check out the reference guide at the bottom of the page. Don’t feel like you can’t do this workout without a punching bag! simply punch the air with intention – but DO NOT flail. Stop yourself where the punching back would be in your move or you will end up hurting yourself.


Round 1 – Abs

Alternate – 10 Leg Raises, 10 Full Sit Ups for the 3 minute duration.

Round 2 – Cardio

Alternate – 25 Jumping Jacks, 15 Squat Jumps for the 3 minute duration.

Round 3 – Strength

Alternate – 20 Bicep Curls, 20 Tricep Dips for the 3 minute duration.

Round 4 – Strength

Alternate – 20 Spidermans, 20 Standing Scissor Kicks for the 3 minute duration.

Round 5 – Kickboxing

Alternate – 30 Mountain Climbers & 10 Jab, Cross, Slip, Cross for the 3 minute duration.

Round 6 – Kickboxing

Alternate – 10 double hooks, 10 uppers & 15 yard sprint (jog back) for the 3 minute duration.

Round 7 – Kickboxing 

Alternate – Jab, Cross, Kick & 25 toe taps for the 3 minute duration.

Round 8 – Legs (this one will be your worst!)

Alternate – 10 sumo squats, 10 high jumps for the 3 minute duration.

Round 9 – Cardio 

Alternate – 10 wall hops, 25 butt kicks for the 3 minute duration.

Are you sweating yet?

Leg Raise – lay on your back with your feet straight out, lift both legs to make an “L” and lower back to straight without touching the floor with your feet.

Full Sit Up – lay on your back with your legs in a diamond position (the bottoms of your feet touching). Use your abs only to raise your upper body in a sit up so that you can touch your toes.

Bicep Curl – hold one weight in each hand, forearms facing forward while weights rest by your thighs. Curl weights upward so that your forearm touches near your chest. Lower back to position one.

Tricep Dips – hold one weight, the bells in each hand, raised with straight arms above your head. Slowly lower the weight back to behind your head and raise back up to position 1.

Spiderman – hold yourself in a plank position and pull one knee forward to touch the same side’s elbow. Perform on opposite side.

Standing Scissor Kick – Hold your weight straight above your head so your arms are extended fully upward. Put left foot in front of you and right behind. Jump to switch foot positions.

Mountain Climber – hold plank & pull one foot forward to your chest. Jump the forward foot backward and pull the backward foot forward. Keep in mind – this is working different muscles and should look slightly different than spidermans!

Jab, Cross, Slip, Cross – punch with your left fist, cross with your right fist, duck into squat and cross again with your right after returning to stand. It will take a second, but you’ll catch the rhythm!

Double Hook – Hold fists with elbows facing straight out and punch inward.

Upper – Hold fists with forearms facing you and punch upward.

Jab, Cross, Kick – punch with your left, cross with your right, kick high up

Toe Tap – find a surface about 6 inches up from the round. Hop up and down, rotating toes tapping that surface.

Sumo Squat – like a normal squat but extremely low and when you raise lift one leg high off the ground (resembling a sumo sway). Rotate legs lifted on the raise.

High Jump – Jump as high as you can, tucking your knees toward your chest on the raise.

Wall Hop – Find a wall and jump to touch the highest point on it that you can.

Butt Kick – alternate feet bending backwards to touch your bottom. Like running in place but extremely exaggerated.


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