How To: Get Out of a Wardrobe Rut

It’s the oldest tale of time. Walk in to your closet that’s exploding of clothes and yet you still have nothing to wear. I am getting stressed just thinking about it.

Now that I am in the working world and filtering through my “real” clothes (as opposed to college clothes which mainly consisted of t-shirts), I find myself getting tired of the same drab choices day in and day out. What’s worse is that if you are anything like me, you end up picking a top, pairing it with the same exact jeans and same exact shoes you did last time. It’s a recipe for a rut. How do you get out of it? Here are the simple tips I am taking this winter.

  1. Create a Method. 


My method is the ‘ol rotate your hanger trick. If I wear a top, when it is hung back up I rotate the hanger signaling to myself “hey – you’ve worn this, pick something else!” Not only do I then strategize my outfits, I end up wearing more of a variety & skipping the trusty go-tos. Then, at the end of the season, I purge. Anything that hasn’t been worn, I sell or donate. This will be a true test this season as I keep staring at that top from 8th grade that “I know I might need someday” but has been hanging in my closet since 8th grade…

2. DO NOT Purge. 

Never purge when you’re in a wardrobe rut. You end up dismissing items you’ll wish you had down the road. That white tee may not look tasty right now but jazz it up with a statement necklace and some destructed denim when you’re back in the grind – the outfit will end up on repeat for weeks.

3. Look for Inspiration. 

Screen Shot 2017-01-29 at 12.38.49 PM.png

Pinterest is bound to have something to inspire you. Scroll through your pins or someone else’s you are inspired by and pick a couple of looks to re-create. My boards can be found here. Not a Pinterest visionary? Who’s outfits have you complimented at work? Think back to them and try to piece them together with what is hanging in your closet.

4. Pair Go-To’s with Never Wears.

Everyone has that pair of jeans they hate (looking at you J Crew straight legs). They hang in our closet begging to be worn but just don’t feel as good as the pair we have chosen the past 18 times we needed a skinny jean to complete an outfit. Put the denim on with your favorite sweater and your outfit is an instant hit.

5. Look Ahead. 

I am an organized fiend in that I store away my spring/summer styles in the fall/winter and vice versa. Something about switching out my closet makes those garments seem new and exciting again. If I am in a huge rut, I will dig through the stored bin to find something transitional. Think: pairing a summer tank with a chunky knit.

6. Look to Accessories. 

Akola Pendant Necklace + Morgause Bib Necklace + Gemline Lariat Necklace

Remember that white tee that instantly transformed thanks to your trusty old statement piece? This can be found in many versions including necklaces, earrings, scarves, or a fantastic pair of shoes. Take your boring pieces and add pizzazz.

7. Borrow. 

Why do our roommate’s closets always look so much tastier than our own? If you have a cool roommate like me (shoutout Sarah) ask to borrow a top or dress every once in a while. Not only will you feel confident in what you are wearing but that confidence will carry over to your inspiration and get your outfit gears grinding again.

How do you get out of a wardrobe rut?

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