There is a “communications board” outside each department where I work. Each month, it asks a question and members of that department write their answers in erasable ink. This month, the natural question was “What is your New Year’s resolution?”

As the weeks pass, the board gets more crowded. And there seems to be a theme…

More time to myself. Exercise more. Pray more. Drink more water. Relax more.

Everything this year is about “more.” While more of some things are good – the tendency to always crave more is dangerous. What ever happened to the beauty of less?

Worry less. Stress less. Spend less. Be less selfish.

The simplicity of altering your thoughts to take the pressure off of a goal is more (no pun intended) complicated than it sounds. But something about doing less sounds like much less (no pun intended) of a burden than going out of our way to do more.

There’s always something we need to do less of. And doing less sounds much easier in a world where everyone is craving more.


3 thoughts on “More

  1. Great post!!

    My resolution is one milkshake a week.

    Also “be still”. Find some quiet time.

    Love you!!!!!!!!

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