Find of the Week: Vogue Coloring Book

Santa outdid himself this year; but one of the most unique & surprising gifts was a simple Vogue adult coloring book. Well – I guess simple is a loose term considering it presents super intricate lines demanding attention to detail.


Did you know that coloring is scientifically proven to de-stress us? When we color, we are focused fully on the act at hand rather than on what we tend to worry about. It also takes us back to a childhood memory, which is automatically associated as a less stressful time in our life.


I have enjoyed getting lost in my Vogue coloring book after work. I tend to zone out paying attention to the colors, the lines, and the overall accomplishment of finishing a page. Santa also brought me Crayola’s Fine Line Markers specifically created for adult coloring books. The box contains 40 colors all with fine tips which help when tackling the small lines within the book.


Next time you’re thinking of a graduation or birthday gift keep these coloring books in mind. Though they might seem silly, one you start its hard to stop and becomes something you look forward to when filling any downtime. Not a fan of Vogue? I also really like this animal designs one or this Lost Ocean one.

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