Winter is a funny season. There is snow and ice caking the ground and yet the sun is so vibrantly shining just asking me to come outside.

I took a walk Saturday morning after being cooped up all week/weekend due to the incredibly cold weather. It was a short walk just around the block but within that time I witnessed a couple of important reminders.

There were birds chirping. They love the sun but probably hate the cold. Yet – they don’t complain. They chirp and sing just as happily in the snow as they do in the spring.

There was a dog playing. He took advantage of the loneliness of the greenway by sprinting around in circles enjoying the fluff that typically only falls about once a year.

There was a man running. He smiled as he went by excited for the opportunity to get out and get exercise not letting anything get in his way.

Winter gives us a lot to complain about. The cold, the snow, the inconvenience of having to stay home due to the road conditions. But it also gives us so much to be thankful for. The time to ourselves to appreciate the crisp, clean beauty of the season and the way it forces us to slow down and appreciate the smaller, often overlooked simplicities.

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