A New Moisturizer

Here are the two worst parts about leaving the beauty industry in order of importance:

  1. I now have to come up with a new, just as catchy one liner for my blog. Taking suggestions because I am at a loss.
  2. I no longer reap the benefits of working with luxury brands like Chanel & Dior and therefore do not have the luxury of receiving the goodies that come with them.

If you know me by now, you probably have figured out I can live without the Dior nail polish and the Jo Malone samplers. What I cannot live without is the Chanel Solution 10. With sensitive skin that tends to turn into a chapped mess during the winter, I didn’t even know where to begin when I entered Belk’s beauty department knowing I couldn’t spend the $100 on a small tube of moisturizer.

As a result, I did what most millennials do and took to the internet. I was super excited to find that Nordstrom has an interactive “Find Your Moisturizer” guide. Enter your skin type, top skin concern, and preferred formula & voila – a list of suggestions.

The Obvious PickLa Mer’s Moisturizing Gel Creme was obviously a top pick. The gel is so light & perfect but unfortunately, out of my price range.

The Suggestion: After a recommendation to try Juice Beauty, I was impressed by the lightness of the natural lotion. What I noticed after about a week of usage though was that the formula clogged my pores creating blemishes and I am unwilling to sacrifice clear skin.

The Surprise: AMOREPACIFIC is a brand I have never even heard of. The name of the Moisture Bound Refreshing Hydrating Gel is enough to make me want to run up to Nordstrom and grab a sample. Though pricer, I am definitely intrigued to try before I would buy.

The Researched: I found Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Oil Free Gel Cream on my own simply because I am obsessed with their Midnight Recovery Oil. This will be another try before I buy this blistering cold season.

The Winner: Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion has always been a best seller. What I didn’t know was that the formula comes in a gel. This is on my list to try next. Especially since it is only $27.50.

Do you have a favorite moisturizer?


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