16 Best Things I Bought in 2016

Some of my favorite bloggers have been posting their favorite buys of 2016 which immediately got me thinking – what were mine? These are listed in no particular order.

  1. Seven For All Mankind Destructed Knee Skinny Jeans

Sevens Knee Denim.jpg

Something about these jeans instantly makes you feel like the cool girl. I’ve paired these consistently with a pair of sneakers & a tee as much as I have sweaters & booties and love each outfit just the same.

2. Nike Sneakers


Before I headed to Europe, I knew I needed a cool pair of sneakers to pair with walking outfits over workout gear. Little did I know how much these sneakers would come in handy. I love pairing them with leggings and a sweater for running errands or more chic streetwear for casual Fridays at work. Comfortable fashion is absolutely killer.

3. Plane Tickets to Scotland & Ireland


You had to know this was coming. It was my first “big girl trip” I completely paid for myself. As more of a saver over a spender, dropping that kind of money on something gave me a minor anxiety attack. Little did I know how absolutely worth it the trip would be. Now, instead of looking at my bank account and  complaining, I am proud of the fact that I plan my life accordingly so that I can support trips like that and still have money saved for living expenses & savings accounts.

4. Lululemon Workout Leggings


Lululemon has taught me quality over quantity. The fabric quality, durability, and design of their clothing is worth every single penny. It’s like good denim – once you try the good stuff, you’ll never be able to go back. I love my lulu lemons for running Saturday errands just as much as I do when I am on a 10 mile training run. They are quality at it’s finest.

5. Lou & Gray Leggings


I know what you’re thinking – “this girl is obsessed with leggings.” I am not – I just know a good pair when I see one! Unlike the lululemon leggings, these Lou & Gray are the perfect lounging pair. They sit higher on your hips, come lower on your ankles, and are think enough you never have to worry about them deteriorating to a see-through state. I love them with rainboots and a chunky knit on a cold day like today.

6. Twine & Twig Necklace


Another purchase that had me valuing quality over quantity this year was my Twine & Twig necklace. After stalking the brand for over a year, I had the opportunity to purchase an Antler Slim during a local trunk show. Little did I know just how much I would wear the thing. From my linen Easter Dress to a simple tee, I have worn out the thing on just about everything in my closet it could possibly pair with. Obsessed? Slightly.

7. Cuisinart Coffee Maker


After wearing out my Keurig a couple of years, something just didn’t taste right. The coffee always brewed too watery for my strong palette and one day, I decided I had just had enough. A new drip pot solved all my coffee woes in one simple swipe. The best part about this maker? You schedule your coffee to brew the night before and voila – hot, fresh coffee right when you want it.

8. Salt & Scripts Bible Verse

Screen Shot 2017-01-03 at 9.08.26 PM.png

A friend from Quintessentials is locally known for her articulate pen & ink artistry. When I was looking for unique ways to fill my gallery wall, Salt & Scrips provided the perfect addition. Since then, I have used her artwork as gifts & plan to do the same in 2017.

9. Magazine Subscription


Nothing brings me more joy than receiving Women’s Health Magazine each month. The knowledge I gain from the diverse articles is both interesting and enlightening. It gives me something to look forward to and sparks my mind for my blog, my conversations, and my daily thoughts. Though they are becoming outdated, working for a magazine one day consistently floods my dreams.

10. Articles of Society Black Destructed Skinny Jeans


The instant “going out” outfit. Pair these guys with anything and you are instantly sassed up for a night out with friends. On the contrary, pair them with a gray Z Supply tee (another perfect purchase) and throw on those Nike’s for a casual, cool vibe. Bonus – they are under $60.00.

11. Pilot G2 Ultra Fine Pens


Everyone has their pen obsessions. I just happened to find mine this year. Pilot’s Ultra Fine pens are the most smooth writing utensils you could ask for. With questionable handwriting, they are the only pens that consistently create legible writing at work.

12. Karen Walker Harvest Sunglasses


I think I am even more obsessed with the price I got these sunglasses for than I am the actual sunglasses (and that is saying a lot considering how much I love them). Postmark had these babies on major re-sale and I snatched them up so fast I didn’t even have a chance to think about it. Since then, I have worn them non-stop.

13. Corkcicle Coffee Mug


You’ve heard me rave about this thing all year long but why wouldn’t I when I use it almost every day? The only coffee cup I have ever had that keeps the drink warm all morning long.

14. Juliette Has a Gun Not a Perfume


Ok so I didn’t buy this for myself; but, I asked for it for my birthday and am so glad I did. This light, refreshing, unique scent is the perfect spritz each morning. Though I wish it lasted a little longer on my skin, the perfume is unlike any I have ever had and I don’t see myself wishing it away any time soon.

15. Be Inspired Pullover


This jacket is the perfect weight. I wear it while heading to the gym or during a cool morning run almost every week. The best part about the pullover is the price. It’s only $15.39 right now!

16. Fresh Flowers


There is nothing better than coming home to fresh flowers. Whether you are a greenery type or a tulip girl – treat yourself every once in a while this 2017.



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