That’s What Christmas Means to Me

The feeling when you find the perfect gift. The perfect combination of thought and surprise that makes you beyond excited for someone to open their gift.

The giddy butterflies that appear just about a week before you head home for the holidays knowing that whats waiting is the unbinding love of your family.

The “Merry Christmas!” greetings given and received that have a 100% chance of putting a smile on your face.

The most sincerest of tears that undoubtedly well up in my eyes every single Christmas Eve when the music stops and the church sings Silent Night.

The Christmas meals that seem to taste so much better than breakfast, lunch, or dinner on any other day of the year.

The traditions that keep you excited year after year and never seem to get old – even when you’ve seen A Christmas Story about 6,746 times.

The joy and excitement that builds up in your littlest family members as they hope and wish for Santa to bring what they had asked for weeks prior.

The calm and bright of the morning after gifts have been opened, belly have been filled, and hearts have been poured out.

The joy of spending Christmas with friends who feel like family.

The smell of the Frasier Fir that has been waiting for it’s day to shine since the day after Thanksgiving.

The pressure to soak up every single lyric of every single Christmas Carol before they hibernate another year.

The giving of parents who sacrifice and show just how much it looks like to love unconditionally.

The mystery of what it really feels like to recognize the love and sacrifice that our Lord has made for us when he sent his one and only son to save our souls now and forever.

Merry Christmas!

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