Find of the Week: Jacquie Lawson Advent Calendar

I grew up with an advent calendar every year. Most every year, it was the boxed chocolate kind that waited for me to open it each night after dinner. One year it was a mini dresser of drawers that contained anything from a $5 bill to a couple of pencil erasers. Now that I am older, I thought I had grown out of advent calendars. That is, until, I received an email saying that my mom had purchased me a Jacquie Lawson interactive calendar.


I did’t really know what to expect. I downloaded the program and was excited that there now lives a snow globe on my computer desktop. Each day, I open the snow globe to a precious waterfront town, find the christmas ornament adorned with today’s date, and enjoy the cute movie clip or interactive game that comes with it. Yesterday I decorated my own Snowman that now sits on the street of my scene. Today, a group of carolers serenaded me once I clicked on the “4” and now live on the street as well, spreading holiday cheer up until the 25th.


Keep this in mind for next year friends. It is a daily reminder of the happiness of the season. Though hokey sometimes, this is one of those gifts where it was truly “the thought that counts.” I appreciate my mom’s effort to continue a family tradition and simply clicking an ornament reminds me what season it is. My mood is instantly lifted.

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