Simple Tips for Extreme Organization

I consider myself an organized person. Whether its filing away emails in my work inbox or spending a rainy Sunday morning meal prepping, I enjoy the pleasure of organization during a busy week. Not only is it extremely relaxing, it is a massive time saver. Through my short years as an adult, there are a couple of tips I have learned help more than others when it comes to staying organized. Here is what I have found helps the most…

1 Make Your Bed

Something about making a bed first thing in the morning starts the day with productivity. Not to mention, it cleans up a messy room and makes crawling back into the warmth that night even more reassuring of a good night’s rest.


2 Unsubscribe from Unwanted Emails

Now that I work in corporate America, I receive anywhere from 100-150 emails a day. That being said, the last thing I want when tackling my personal inbox is an influx of unwanted, unnecessary promotional emails. To help my inbox stay manageable, I simply unsubscribe from the mailing lists I do not want to be a part of rather than taking the time to delete them every single day.

3 To Do Lists

These are a life saver. I am sure you, just like me, have been in the situation where you’re at Target trying to remember the eight things you told yourself you would remember once you got there. To curb this forgetfulness, I am constantly making reminders in my phone of needed items, of tasks to accomplish this weekend, of gift ideas and just about everything else you can imagine. Though it may take an extra minute, I stay organized and rarely forget to pick up toothpaste or that I wanted to clean my kitchen this weekend.


4 Clean Out Your Closet

I have a seasonal closet. When the weather starts to change from warm temps to brisk mornings, I switch out my tanks for sweaters stored in a large container in my closet. During this process, I take the time to clean out pieces I haven’t worn in the past year or two. One way I have found works the best is through Poshmark, an app that allows you to easily post pictures and descriptions of your clothes. Once the purchaser buys the garment, you get emailed the shipping label. All you have to do it throw it in a box, slap on the label and drop it off at the mailroom. Your earnings arrive in the form of a check when requested. The app is genius and my closet is constantly up to date.

5 Meal Prep

Meal prep is relaxing to me. I make lists that I stick to at the store which ultimately saves time, money and energy. Once I have created this menu for the week, I am also more inclined to stick to it which discourages eating out and maintains a healthy week for room to splurge on the weekends.

6 Find Your Vice

Whether it’s running, baking, or washing your car – it’s imperative to find what decompresses you. After a long, stressful day there is nothing that calms me down and clears my mind than an evening run. Find what allows you to recenter, refocus and begin productivity again.

7 Whatever you do, be all there

It’s the best work advise I have ever gotten – though I admit I am still struggling with it. When you’re overwhelmed, it is easy to want to multi-task and accomplish everything you can as fast as possible. This leaves room for mistakes and disinterest that both lead to an unfortunate outcome. Whether you’re taking time to grab a cup of coffee with a friend or tacking a large work project, be ALL there. Give the task all your attention. That friend and your boss with not only notice, but sincerely appreciate it.


How do you stay organized?


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