I have never run at dawn. Normally, in the winter, I am stuck on a pitch black course and in the summer I have the luxury of running in the risen sun before work. However, with a new work schedule I found myself mid-course during true dawn this morning. I am not going to lie – it stopped me in my tracks. Not because I was out of breath or tried and needed to walk but because of the majesty of the morning. Something about the hazy purpleness of the horizon was unfamiliar and came across as both eerie and hopeful at the same time.

It got me to thinking about mornings. I am a morning person if you have ever met one (that is why I am ready for work 45 minutes before I even have to leave and find myself sitting on the floor of my room drinking a cup of coffee and writing this post). Anyways – this type of “morning” was unfamiliar to me. Not all unfamiliar things are bad. Take, for example, dawn. It is the symbol of what is to come, a token of a new beginning. I think the reason dawn is so eerie is because it is so underrated. It knows that not many are awake to see it and those that are don’t pay it a lick of attention. Nonetheless, it never boasts its beauty. Sunrises – everyone will awake every once in a while to see those. But dawn? It is just the opening act that most people pass on eager to get to the main performance.

This holiday season, enjoy dawn. Enjoy the “opener” for what it is rather than wishing it was over just to get to the main event even quicker.


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