How To: Spider Lashes

If done wrong, spider lashes have the tendency to turn out as just a clumpy mess. The trick to perfecting the trend is your mascara wand and I am happy to tell you I have found the perfect one. Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara has never impressed me…that is until the spider lash trend. It’s fine combed brush that omits the smallest amount of mascara allows for the precision required for execution. Follow these steps for no fail spider lashes this winter.

They're Real Mascara.jpg

1. Extract the Mascara.

Never pump a mascara wand multiple times within the tube before extracting the brush unless you want to be buying new tubes every week. However, it’s extremely important here because you want a small amount of mascara sticking to the wand.

2. Apply Mascara Regularly.

Apply just one or two swipes of mascara like you are supposed to – swiping up without creating any overwhelming volume, just enough to give your lashes some life.

3. Rotate the Wand 180 Degrees.

Rotate your wand so that the top of the wand is pointing up and it is standing vertically. Then, swipe your mascara want horizontally across your lashes. This should create small triangles of lashes that give a dramatic effect. The key here is to not “re-dip” your wand. Use the mascara already applied to execute.

4. Perfect the Clumps.

Unhappy with the way one side turned out? Redo it! The glorious thing about spider lashes is that simply swiping your wand as it is made will undo the dramatic lash and create a fresh way to start over.

Spider Lashes.jpg

Are you jumping on the spider lashes trend?

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