The sermon at church this week focused, unsurprisingly, on being thankful. The twist was that it wasn’t being thankful in the stereotypical way of the holiday. You see, in a world where we are clearly divided – by faith, by belief, by politics and so on and so forth – it is easy to be grateful for monetary pleasures. Sure, we are all thankful for our houses, for heat during a cold night, for Thanksgiving dinner that leaves us stuffed and no, this isn’t a bad thing. But focusing on these physical novelties separates us even further. You see, these types of thankfulness mean that there is a divide between us and “them” – those people who do not have the house, the dinner, and the heat.

This Thanksgiving, I challenge you to be thankful for what we all have – love, the chance to choose happiness, and the ultimate sacrifice that Jesus Christ paid so that we may have each and every sin forgiven – both those we admit and those we do not even recognize we commit. We are so blessed with the opportunity to include others and to build others up just as our Father did for us.


What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?


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