When To Replace

Life is full of commercials recommending replacement of just about everything after a set amount of time. If we actually replaced everything we were supposed to every time we were supposed to we wouldn’t have any time to enjoy those things we are replacing! I am always concerned and confused about what actually needs to be replaced when, so I have done a little research on what I personally feel is most pertinent and important. Have a look. What do you need to replace?



According to the Sleep Council, (yes, there is a sleep council and no, I don’t know how you get to be a part of that club) pillows should be replaced every two years. I am so guilty of staying in a pillow rut especially when you find ones that you love. Due to dust and dead skin, they require replacement much more than Americans think. Wash your pillows at least twice a year to prolong their life. Learn all about properly washing your pillows from Good Housekeeping.


Dental professionals are pretty aligned that toothbrushes should be replaced once every three months. Once the bristles start to fray, that is your sign to add it to your grocery list as this makes the tool much less effective. One point I had never heard was to replace your toothbrush after serious illness as well. Try this Oral B toothbrush that changes color when it’s time to be replaced.

Running Shoes


Those of us that run at least five 3 mile runs a week, running shoes should be replaced every five to six months. I am going to go ahead and say a big ‘ol oops to this one. I am so guilty of running them until their are holes in the bottom. Read more about tips and tricks to determine when its time for a new pair here. I love these Asics GT-2000‘s.


If worn and cared for correctly, bras should only last about seven to eight months. After extensive wear, the bands begin to stretch and the support lessens. The Huffington Post recommends having seven to eight bras and rotating them daily for effective life.

Makeup Brushes


When washed regularly (….yikes) makeup bro`shes should still be replaced every two years. Once the brushes begin to shed, cannot be completely cleaned, or become misshapen they are not only ineffective but bad for your skin. I like this sleek, affordable 12 Piece EmaxDesign set.



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