Gifts for Him

Gifts for him are always the hardest. Whether you are trying to find something for your dad, your brother, or your S.O. you’re bound to see pigs fly before something immediately comes to mind. Because they are so hard, I keep a list in my phone of running ideas throughout the year. Whenever something fits the category, I add it to the list making Christmas a breeze (ok, well, it still isn’t a breeze but at least I have some ideas to get the gears grinding!) Check out my gift ideas for him this year. And if your name is Tony, Moss, or Hayden you can stop reading and close your browser now ūüôā

Cards Against Humanity + Corkcicle Coffee Tumbler + Garden & Gun Magazine Subscription + Birchbox for Men + NFL Tailgating Chairs + Igloo Sportsman Cooler + Cuisinart Griddler & Panini Press + Gooseneck iPad Holder + Amazon Echo + Wusthof Knife Set + HP Sprocket Photo Printer

Cards Against Humanity will have him rolling laughing whether you play a PG-13 version with the family or a R rated version with the friends.

Corkcicle Coffee Tumblers aren’t only for women! They have sleek gender neutral colors like slate, black and silver and will keep his coffee warm for hours. The perfect stocking stuffer!

There is nothing better than a gift that gives all year long. If he isn’t a¬†Garden & Gun Magazine¬†guy try Sports Illustrated or Men’s Health. I also love AllRecipes magainze too if he is a cooker!

Birchbox for Men¬†is packed with small oddities he is likely never going to buy for himself. Part of a gift is treating someone to something they wouldn’t normally do for themselves. I loved Birch Box for the 6 months I tried it and I am sure he would too.

Nothing says “I support your Sundays” more than¬†NFL Tailgating Chairs. Bed Bath & Beyond has the best selection (surprising, I know!)

All the quality of a Yeti without the stereotype, the Igloo Sportsman Cooler is a sure fire win for Christmas.

He get’s a¬†Cuisinart Griddler & Panini Press¬†and you get a delicious sandwich! What more could you ask for?

Whether he is laying on the couch streaming Netflix, using his iPad for a recipe, or working from home the Gooseneck iPad Holder is more than handy for his hands free experience.

Have you ever seen the¬†¬†Amazon Echo¬†commercials? Hilarious and enough reason that you need to get him one like…yesterday. Watch some of my favorites here, here, and here.

I received a set of Wusthof steak knives and a cutting knife for Christmas one year and it was one of the most valuable and practical gifts I have ever received. I appreciate this gift more than most!

They aren’t full size photos but he is bound to be happy if he can instantly print those awkward selfies you are constantly taking with this¬†HP Sprocket Photo Printer.

What are you getting him for Christmas?


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