What I’m Watching

New season, new TV shows and boy, am I hooked. Here is what I’m watching now and why…

Monday – Teen Mom OG


Before your judge me, please know it is hard not to get invested in a TV show when your roommate knows more about the reality star’s lives than mine. It is interesting to see the both similar and extremely different struggles these families face and their unique perspectives on fixing them.

Tuesday – This is Us


I am obsessed with this new series – just watch the first episode and I guarantee you will be too. The writer is creative and unique in a TV world that lately has seemed so redundant. The storyline is emotional and allows watchers to get invested. I look forward to Tuesdays (arguably the worst day of the week) simply for this show!

Wednesday – Survivor


Jeff Probst is back again this season hosting Millennials versus Generation X players. It has been interesting to see the difference between the gameplay of the generations and I am invested in the show for the 33rd season.

Thursday – Project Runway


My favorite show of all time is better than ever this season. I can’t help but be in awe of the creativity that goes into each stitch on the show. The judges are also extremely respectable and I learn from the trendy talk for my own personal job. I am rooting for Erin this season but each designer has so much to bring to the table!

Friday – Shark Tank


The sharks are back again and this time all 6 of them debut each Friday night. Investors are pitching their ideas and passion harder than ever for cash in exchange for equity in some of the most respected businessmen and women in the industry. I am so inspired by the entrepreneurs and the big wigs who take the time to invest in and aid them.

What are you watching this season?

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