Find of the Week: Face Loofahs

The most dramatic difference maker to my clearing skin isn’t attributed to an expensive product as much as it is HOW I choose to care for it. Making washing my face a priority was definitely the first step but once I started exfoliating, I really started to notice a difference in my complexion – both the clearness and the glow.


These little dual sided facial sponges by The Bathery have saved my complexion. I make sure to use them after my workout to really scrub off any dead cells. My pores then thank me for clearing them of the junk a washcloth or just my hands could never tackle themselves.

I will say that these facial sponges can be harsh on the delicate face, especially at first. That being said, follow up your exfoliation with a good moisturizer like Chanel’s Solution 10 until your face has time to adjust to the new routine.

Do these work as well for you as they do for me?


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