Find of the Week: Hux

When I first heard about Hux on Charlotte Agenda, I thought to myself “huh, that is awesome,” clicked out of the article, and moved on with my life. Little did I know how amazing and convienent this service actually is.

I consider myself a clean person – one that cleans up after herself and occasionally scrubs until the surface shines when needed. However, now that I am working over 40 hours a week and spending my weekends wanting to wind down and relax, I find my apartment needs a little (or a lot) of TLC every 6 months or so. No – it isn’t gross (promise!) but yes, my shower drain could use some 401 love every once in a while.


Hux allowed me to easily book a local cleaning service at an extremely reasonable price. Once I created an account at, I filtered the cleaning options by rating, reviewed ratings to make sure I wouldn’t be disappointed with who I chose, and booked for a time that worked for me.

Pricing is based on square footage, cleaner experience, and detailing (windows, inside the fridge, etc. are additional costs). For what we needed, the cleaning service was so much more reasonable than local monopoly’s like Molly Maids.

Once booked, you have the option of leaving a message for your cleaning servicer. We simply told our booking we would like her to focus on the bathrooms & the kitchen and instructions on where to park, how to enter the apartment, and where to leave the key.

Four hours later, our service was done, apartment spotless, and bank accounts happy. I couldn’t have been more excited about the ease of the service, quality of the cleaning, and convince of the website.

As the uber of house cleaning, I will definitely be using Hux again! Are you interested?


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