As a follow up to my post on fear and how much change is a part of that – I wanted to address what is coming on Monday.

Just over a week ago, I accepted a new position within Belk as an Assistant Product Manager for their booming private label, Crown & Ivy. To most of you, this may sound fantastic and, don’t get be wrong, I am extremely blown away by the opportunity and excited to take the bull by the horns; however, the part that is keeping me up at night is the change.

No longer will I be able to rely on the business acumen I have acquired as a merchandiser over the past year and a half. No longer will I be sitting next to those that I have developed the most loyal of friendships with. No longer will I know the next move of the business blindfolded (well – that’s a stretch in retail always, but I at least was a little more confident!)

This will be completely new for me. New floor, new thought processes, new overseas vendors, and a new team. I am not sure if it is the fact that I have minimal knowledge of Belk’s private label or do not have the emotional support of my top of the notch teammates from my current position but whatever it is – this has been a hard one on me.

What I have realized through this is that had I never plunged into the change, I would have never had the opportunity to grow. I need to look at this opportunity of one that expands my developmental skills, challenges me to think in a new way while bringing what I know from my old position, and one that exposes me to new people who are guaranteed to be just as amazing as my other coworkers in the past.

This change scares me more than potentially any that has in the past. But I know that it is one that I wouldn’t have been handed if I couldn’t conquer.




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