Fall Inspired Breakfast

We were due for a work celebration this month and now that temperatures are actually starting to feel like October weather I couldn’t help but want to bring the flavors of fall out with them.

I was shopping the sparse shelves of Trader Joe’s Sunday evening (their trucks from Florida weren’t able to make it to NC due to Hurricane Matthew) when their pumpkin cinnamon rolls caught my eye. TJ’s is known for embracing pumpkin everything (read: pumpkin body butter….ew) so at first I was skeptical but decided to give it a go.


Instead of cooking the cinnamon rolls regularly, I converted them into monkey bread to make it more prone to snack sharing. I simply unrolled the pre-rolled pastries and pinched mini ones together into my adorable polka dot pie dish. Once all rolls are converted, bake at 350 for 20 minutes & top afterwards with the already included cinnamon flavored icing after microwaving the packet for 15 seconds.

I got so many compliments on such a simple dish, it will definitely be worth making again!


Want even more pumpkin in your life? Trader Joe’s tasting station was dishing out pumpkin chili with corn chips on Sunday. Mix 2 parts of their canned turkey chili with 1 can pumpkin and warm. It was super delish and looked almost too easy to make.

Enjoy your pumpkins!


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