Find of the Week: Grandiose Extreme

Some people splurge on a good pair of shoes, some people invest in statement handbags and others choose to put their money where their denim is. When it comes to the beauty world, much like my denim, mascara is not a category I am willing to skimp out on. There is obvious quality once brush hits lash that takes an immediate affect on all points the wand encounters.

I recently had the opportunity to try Lancome’s new Grandiose Extreme mascara. While I was addicted to their Grandiose mascara before, Grandiose Extreme is one step above. Choose this mascara for full, extremely dark, defined, and dramatic lashes. A coworker hit the nail on the head when she defined it as a “weekend” mascara.

The swan neck head makes it easy for both over and under application. It allows for an even spread that touches every single lash. I can’t wait to sport this mascara to a wedding next weekend. Simply wearing it this past casual Saturday was the source of a couple of compliments.

Are you willing to give Grandiose Extreme a go?


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