Life Lately

First of all, I am apologize for being M.I.A. lately. It is the start of a crazy season as 4th quarter is wrapping up at work, wedding season is starting, and the holidays are upon us. Regardless, it isn’t an excuse to give up what I love – this simple yet fulfilling blog (more for me than anyone else) so let’s get to it…

Like I mentioned in my last post, this past weekend we headed to Charleston to celebrate one of my best college friends before she ties the knot in November. It was a weekend full of laughter as it doubled as a reunion for those of us separated by many miles. Friday we walked around the city and enjoyed lunch at the cutest place, Caviar and Bananas. Friday night we headed to a delicious Italian dinner accompanied by live music before we bar hopped our way back to the hotel.


Saturday was filled with fun activities & exploring before the best boat ride. Her sister had booked a sunset cruise for the thirteen of us and we decked out in our florals and made the most of the beautiful weather. I couldn’t have thought of a more perfect weekend activity! Since we were asked to wear floral, it was hard to resist not finding something new. When I came across this Show Me Your Mumu Dress I couldn’t help but have it. Though a steep price, I can justify it with just how obsessed I am. I paired it with some simple sandals for the boat but can’t wait to throw on some over the knee booties as the temps cool down and pair it with a leather jacket once its cold outside.


If you haven’t tried Pandora’s “thumbprint radio” yet I am telling you right now you’re going to be addicted. This station literally reads my mind. It has taken years of history based on what stations I choose and what I “thumbs up” to create the best playlist that ranges from John Mayer to Jason Aldean. I listen to the station at work, during a run, and in the car – somehow it seems to fit within each environment perfectly.

Thumbprint Radio.png

After talking through a bad day and some mistakes with a friend at work I had this revelation. I have come to realize during my tiny amount of time in the “real world” that if you aren’t making mistakes at your job you aren’t where you’re meant to be. Think about it – we are not made to be perfect, therefore never taking  a risk that makes you vulnerable to make a mistake is wasting our time, efforts, and limiting your potential. I swear a light went off in my head when I came to this conclusion.

The temperatures are finally starting to cool down (well, until Saturday when its supposed to be 91 again…) and its getting me excited about many things. Does anyone else think coffee tastes so much better in the cold? I also can’t wait for the perfect running temps. I am itching to get outside for some longer strolls. Also – squash. Yes, you read that right. Acorn squash with honey and brown sugar, spaghetti squash with marinara and meatballs, and even the funky looking bubbly squash that makes a unique and inviting table centerpiece. Fall farmers markets are so underrated. Oh, and did I mention football?


When a friend-of-a-friend introduced me to the Sequins & Stripes blog I had no idea what a fashion inspiration it would be. Liz Adams does the perfect job of mixing trend and girly that has me consistenly checking my Bloglovin’ feed for more. She recently posted Why I Love Chicago and I am slightly obsessed with the way she styled a simple Old Navy dress. They are running a 40% off promotion tonight and I am super tempted to get it. And of course if I get the dress, I will want these look alike booties from the post too. Amazing how bloggers sell, isn’t it?

Why I Love Chicago.jpg

Charlotte Agenda has become routine with my morning coffee. Since there are so few writers I am beginning to feel like I know them just by the way they write. They are consistently keeping me up to date on the local know whether it be the cool Taphouse that just opened within walking distance or the inspiring stories of local philanthropists and entrepreneurs when questioned how they got to where they are. Highly recommend subscribing to their email. If you’re in Raleigh – check out Raleigh Agenda for your local happenings.

How’s your life lately?




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