Find of the Week: 9Round

One of my best friends kept raving about this new fitness studio called 9round that she joined and I hate to admit I was skeptical. How could any workout that only lasted 30 minutes & centered around kickboxing be one of the best fitness routines I had ever tried? Well, let me tell you…


It started with the staff. Since everyone’s first workout is always FREE (read: wait until the tempting sales pitch at the end of your 9 rounds) I thought I would give it a go. Right when I walked in I felt wanted there. Not just comfortable, but more than happy to be walked through it all. Danielle, Nikki, & another associate who’s name I am embarrassed to admit I do not remember logged me in, walked me through the process, and coached me through each round. They weren’t pushy, they were more than encouraging, and they were interested in teaching me more than selling me on the workout. You could tell their passion for the studio from the second I stepped foot in the door. They were reason enough to want to join.

9round-free-workoutThe workout was incredible. The style is genius – no waiting around for classes because their 9 rounds of 3 minute intervals start every 3 minutes on the minute. That being said, you walk in, are directed when to join the series & where and you begin to work your way through – however many times you’d like. The rounds are split between cardio and strength with mini moves between each switch. For example, one round I would be alternating between elevated toe touches & donkey kicks for 3 minutes, I would then do the mini move with everyone (criss-cross jack squats) and then moved on to the next round – 20 jab upper cuts alternating with 20 jumping jacks. 9round provided me with boxing gloves & clear direction on proper boxing form too!

Though pricey (if I remember correctly a 1 month membership was $139 – eek) the staff, quick & effective workout, avoidance of wait time, and convenience of location was enough to get me contemplating a membership. I was so impressed by the structure of the program and wish I had been the one to come up with the genius of it. Are you excited to give 9round a try? GOOD! Your first time is free, and with locations all over the US you’re right around the corner from a quick & effective 30 minute interval workout.


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