Trending Now: Choker Wrap Necklaces

If you haven’t jumped on the choker wrap necklace bandwagon yet, hop on before its gone. Recently there has been a huge influx of these necklaces that at first glance make you go “huh?” As a simple strand with charms, you may find them intimidating to style, but take it from me when I say they are the easiest, most trendy thing you can add to your necklace rack.


Since I purchased my suede choker wrap necklace back in May, I have worn it countless times in countless different ways. From a flowy boho dress to a trendy night-time romper, it has made its way to work, baseball games, and breweries alike. While mine is sold out, I rounded up a few of my favorites below.

Vanessa Mooney Necklace  $40 + Forever 21 Necklace $4.90 + Easy Arrow & Crystal Necklace $26.00 + Ivy & Leo Mahalo Necklace $29.99 + Jewel Cult Necklace $18.00



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