Life Lately

I headed to Charleston last Wednesday night for the first of four weddings I will be attending this year. Anyone who knows me knows how special these ceremonies are to me. Something about the genuine joy of a lifelong commitment followed by the biggest celebration brings tears to my eyes every single time. What stuck with me most from the matrimony was the simple Mark 10:9 quote, “therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.”

Wearing: Amanda Uprichard Rio Maxi Dress

I am still an avid pinner. Out of all the apps that live on my phone, I have to say I get the most enjoyment out of finding the perfect pin. Whats even better is when the perfect pin finds me. This evening while enjoying my delicious chopt salad, the below pin popped up on my feed. I stopped and soaked it in, thinking it was too good (and too true) not to share.


I think we are all guilty of people pleasing. Though we commit to plans with the best intentions, they sometimes take away from what we actually want to be doing and who we genuinely want to be spending time with. Amanda from Advice from a Twenty Something‘s recent post on 3 Ways to Stop People Pleasing post was a great reminder that saying “no” sometimes doesn’t make you a mean person. The post lays out 3 simple steps for improvement: using the “would I want to do this right now” rule, setting priorities, and saving “i’m sorry” for when you really are.

Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 9.23.20 PM

Remember the romper I told you that I ordered  from Revolve on my post Closet Additions: July? It came in and was THE WORST. Not only was the fabric as stiff as a cardboard box, but the tie front was way too much fabric to be functional for a bow. Such a flop.

Glamorous Romper

I have been obsessed with Forever 21 & Old Navy shoes recently. Not only are they affordable but they are trendy and stick with the times. I have found that the styles fit my narrow feet and are great work shoes. Definitely worth giving a shot!

Tropical Print Sneakers Ankle Strap Flats + Strappy Wedge + Open Toe Mules + Double Strap Clogs + Buckle Cutout Booties

Missing just two days of work has set me back 250 emails – and trust me when I say I am not the most important person at work. It amazes me to think about how anyone got anything done without the electronic communication. It also makes me wish it had never been invented. I miss the interpersonal connections all the business men and women used to have to rely on to get it done at work. I can say that I am proud of myself for leaving all the emails for tomorrow – trying to be better about separating work and personal time as they have started to take a toll on each other.

After this weekend, I am feeling a little “blah.” My eating habits recently have been off the wall. Either I am not eating the three meals a day I am used to and loading up during a huge meal all at once or I have started going back for seconds – every single time. Tomorrow is a new day and I am hoping to proportionalize better so I can ultimately rid the food guild. On the menu this week – Greek Salads, Salmon with Bean Salad, & Portobello Pizzas. Stay tuned for recipes.

What’s been going on in your life lately?


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