Easy BLT Lettuce Wraps

This week has been a doozy. And its only Tuesday. Toozy?

Since I have a couple of “to-do”s to check off my list tonight before heading out of town for the rest of the week I found myself with an empty fridge and the need for a quick dinner. That’s when I decided to use all the produce that would have gone bad while I am gone to create the most summery, delicious dinner.

All You Need:



Romaine Lettuce

Additional Toppings of Your Choice: Corn, Avocado, Red Onion, Salt & Pepper, Mayo, Mustard, etc.

BLT Lettuce Wraps

To Make:

Cook the bacon so its crispy

Peel romaine leaves from the head and tear off an inch from each end

Chop tomatoes & other toppings of choice into small dices

Load up Romaine lettuce cups with all toppings


BLT Lettuce Close Up

I don’t know whether it was the healthy concept or the freshness of the summer, farmer’s market veggies but I couldn’t get enough. And, naturally, I rewarded myself for eating so healthy with a billion tiny peanut butter filled pretzels. Ugh – oh well, I tried.


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