Closet Additions: July

This month was a little tough on me when it came to haphazard spending. There were more impulse purchases than anything but I truly believe these items will be come closet staples. I am hoping you love as much as I do!

As mentioned on a previous post, I purchased this Old Navy dress at the beginning of July on a whim at the Charlotte Premium Outlets. If you know me, you know it is really hard to pass up a good t-shirt dress. Though the dress wasn’t on sale (I know you think I am lying because everything at Old Navy is always on sale) I have already worn it three times & loaned it out to my roommate for a wear as well. That brings the total price per wear down to just over $7.00 in one month – definitely a good investment.


My second purchase was during Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale. I have been looking for a killer leather jacket to add to my closet staples for a couple of seasons now. When I saw this one I knew it was my #1 priority when the sale went live to the public. Because most of my favorites ended up being out of stock by that time, I saved a lot of money and only pulled the trigger on the jacket. Thank goodness my first pick was the one I got!

Leather Jacket

With four weddings coming up and no evening bag/clutch I knew I needed to find one that I could wear to all. Gigi New York was having the best summer sale ever and offering 60% off sale prices in select styles and colors. Let me tell you, choosing which to get took a day’s worth of thinking but I finally went with this All in One Clutch in the Hydrangea color (swoon). While the sale has ended now (sorry, I should have posted this earlier!), Gigi just introduced her new fall collection which has some gorgeous pieces in it as well. Overall, the clutch ended up being a steal and I am excited to start carrying it!

All In One Gigi New York

You know those pieces that you find and love but pass up just to continue to think about it over and over? That was this GLAMOROUS Romper was for me. I passed up on it originally knowing there weren’t many occasions I could wear it to. Now that I have a bachelorette party to look forward to, I justified the purchase as one of my outfits for that. I’m excited to receive the package and cant wait to see if it looks as good in person as it does on the model. Its the perfect combination of trendy & girly for my style mix.

Glamorous Romper

I am excited about the pieces I got this month and know they will be put to good use!

What purchases are you most excited about?


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