My Challenge to You This Week

Last time I posted in this series I challenged you to simply choose to do something nice for someone else. It was an easy task often times avoided. I am going to go ahead and warn you that this week’s challenge is much tougher.

This morning Hayden and I headed to our usual 8:45am Church in the Round service at Myers Park United Methodist Church. Groggy & tired, I have to admit I just wasn’t feeling it this morning. While an earlier service makes for a more productive day, it also takes a lot of will power to execute each week.

The message this time focused on “seeking what is above.” Dr. Howell incorporated the election, recent current events, and other tactics in order to get His point across. I capitalize His because I like to think sermons are one of the ways God chooses to talk to us and chooses to challenge whether we listen or not.

One of the points today was to never talk about anyone that isn’t in the room. Dr. Howell added his own twist to the quote and included “unless you are praising them” on the end. So if you haven’t been able to tell already, here is my challenge to you this week…

never talk about someone who isn’t in the room unless you are praising them. 

I (and I am willing to bet everyone else reading this) often struggle with it. I find myself “venting” about others not to hurt their feelings per say but to get my frustrations off my chest. Regardless of the intent, it is wrong, it is rude, and it is something we never want others to do about us. Let’s omit the double standard this week and be better people ourselves. The best part about taking part is that I bet others are going to notice and be encouraged to do so as well.


Cant wait to check back in at the end of the week.

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