What I’m Watching

It’s that time of year again! The awesome, one year cable contract anniversary when the bill decides to spike without alerting you and makes you question whether TWC is even worth it anymore. It’s got me really considering whether I need the cable part of our contract anymore. Now that I live with a Netflix/Hulu/HBO junkie, we tend to gravitate towards streaming series at night rather than the typical news. On the other hand, I can’t imagine getting ready in the morning without the informative local news & the Today Show on in the background. And don’t even get me started on what I would do come football season.

Regardless, my TV schedule has become routine over the past year. Here’s what I am watching recently. Suggestions are always appreciated!

6:30 am – Local News

WCNC does a great job of balancing both local and national news. Unlike most news channels, I find the content distributed between the heartbreaking stuff you need to know and lighthearted banter and facts that provide a sigh of relief.

7:00 am – Today Show

For the record, I love Matt Lauer but am not a huge Savannah Guthrie fan. But I still can’t live without my daily dose of the Today Show. It’s literally what I need to know “on the go” in order to stay up to date. Though I only catch about 20 minutes in the morning, the most pertinent stories are always covered first. I appreciate their education on the election as I certainly wouldn’t know much about it if the Today Show were to flake on the coverage.

7:00 pm – ET

If I am lucky enough to get home in time for some “evening” TV while I make dinner (which, lets be clear 9 times out of 10 I am not) this is what I tune into. The ET trash is nonsensical, unimportant yet entertaining news that is exactly what I need after a stressful day.

8:30 pm – Monday

Like most other 23 year old women in the United States, I tune into the Bachelorette. I love JoJo but can’t seem to get into this season as much as I thought I would be able to.

8:30 pm – Tuesday

Sarah and I finally started The Night Of this week and are hooked. Something about the eerie mini series has us on our toes and since we don’t normally stay up past 10 pm, we save the Sunday night show for later in the week.

8:30 pm – Wednesday & Thursday

I finally started Game of Thrones and it is taking over my life slowly but surely. After watching a couple of the Season 6 episodes this spring, I became interested and now that I am a season and a half in from the beginning I look forward to this each night after work. It’s honestly hard to limit myself to a single episode per night.

7:00 pm – Sunday

Sundays are my day to nerd out to 60 minutes. The coverage is always pretty genuine & stories are more interesting than the typical nightly news throughout the week. I love the deep dives into everything form the election to dare devils.

What’s been streaming on your TV recently?


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