4 Ingredient Dinner: Brie, Peach, & Prosciutto Pizza

With just four delicious ingredients & a couple of pantry staples, you can make one of the most flavorful dinners I have made this season. Since I live in Charlotte, sweet South Carolina peaches are readily found and now that they are in season, I have been using them in everything I can.

Something about the sweetness of the peaches with the smoothness of the brie & tartness of the vinegar created a unique & flavorful dish that I will be recreating again and again this summer.

Brie Pizza Before

All you need:

1 Pillsbury Can of Pizza Dough

1 Package Boar’s Head Thinly Sliced Prosciutto

Brie Cheese – the more the merrier

2 Peaches

Balsamic Vinegar



  1. Preheat oven to 425
  2. While oven is preheating, spray cookie sheet with PAM & roll out dough
  3. Slice Brie thinly and lay on dough leaving spaces between slices
  4. Top with sliced peaches
  5. Group proscuitto over brie & peaches
  6. Drizzle with honey
  7. Bake pizza for approximately 15 minutes
  8. Top pizza generously with balsamic vinegar
  9. Bake 5 more minutes
  10.  Serve!

Brie Pizza After

I served this with fresh Farmer’s Market sautéed spinach.



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