Life Lately

I guess it is true what they say about Disney…it really does make dreams come true because come February, I will be on a flight to Orlando with my dad, brother, and close family friend to participate in the Disney Princess Half Marathon! Stay tuned for a later blog post featuring my go to training schedule.

Disney Princess Registration

Work has been rough recently. Something about being stuck behind a desk when you want to be interacting with others and making a noticeable difference has been really getting to me. Advice From a Twenty Something’s post and the multitude of comments on it today really hit home. “While you can lose a job, you can never lose the abilities within yourself that got you that job in the first place.” Dang, girl – I needed that.

I had the change to walk around Charlotte’s outlets this past Sunday with a good friend. If you haven’t noticed by now, it’s hard for me to resist a t-shirt dress. The simplicity yet sophistication about the silhouette screams casual cool. Needless to say, I would consider the style a “go-to.” I picked up this one at Old Navy and can’t wait to pair it with my favorite sandals for our beach trip this weekend.

Swing Dress

If only there were full time jobs centered around Pinteresting….a girl can dream right? I found this Peach, Proscuito, & Brie Tart recipe while scrolling this past weekend and picked up the ingredients to indulge tomorrow night. My mouth is watering just typing this…

Peach Tart

And a little inspiration to get us through the next 2.5 days until the beach

Hellen Keller Quote


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