My Challenge to You this Week

This weekend, I headed to Atlanta to attend a shower honoring Hayden’s brother & future sister-in-law. While there, we stayed in a hotel near Phipps Place Mall that happened to share a parking lot with a nearby church. The church was massive as signified by the multiple police officers directing traffic in the humid Atlanta heat.

While on our way back from breakfast, we noticed the car in front of us slow and roll down their window to hand one officer a large, noticeably cold bottle of water. This happened with each officer we passed on our way into the deck.

It wasn’t a grand gesture, but one that was both meaningful & unexpected. The perfect combination for a sweet surprise. The kind of surprises that make you encouraged to do the same for someone else.

So to the brown Audi SUV that thought of someone other than themselves this morning, you have inspired me to do the same for someone else this week. And hopefully, through this post, have encouraged others to do so as well.

Something Beautiful

Ill check back in later in the week to let you know of what I decide to do. Until then, have a wonderful week!


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