10 Things My Dad Has Taught Me

In honor of father’s day and getting to spend some much needed time with my parents this weekend during their visit in Charlotte, I want to share 10 of the most important things my dad has taught me.


March 2015

  1. Morning people are the best people. If you ever find yourself at the YMCA at 5:30am, you’ll learn why.
  2. Never ask anyone to do anything you aren’t willing to do yourself. This especially goes for those who have people reporting up to them.
  3. Shake it off. Whether you skinned your knee or someone said something mean, complaining isn’t worth the time or effort.
  4. Nothing beats a hand written letter. Thanks to my dad, I received one every single month I was in college.
  5. It’s ok to indulge. Ice cream counts as a favorite food.Yes, I did eat it almost every single night growing up and no, I didn’t sacrifice my health because of it.
  6. Never judge. I am terrible at this, but my dad is NOTORIOUS for assuming the best out of everyone’s intentions.
  7. It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Establishing and maintaining genuine relationships are not only important, but essential.
  8. Music is important. He never played an instrument, but required it from me. Now I am thankful because not only can I play anything from the marimba to the piano, but I appreciate a variety of musical genres that most do not.
  9. Giving is more important that receiving. He let me pay for breakfast not because he expected it, but because he knows it was important for me.
  10. With God, it is possible to have it all. He has a killer life complete with a loving family, the ability to run each day, the opportunity to explore the world and a home to return to.

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