Find of the Week: Foxcroft Wine Co

I always passed it on my way home from Dilworth – the quaint, corner spot decorated with the most adorable outdoor lighting. Last night, I was finally able to actually try Foxcroft Wine Co with some girlfriends. 
If you think the outdoor seating is a cool atmosphere, just wait until you make your way inside. Each wall is decorated with endless bottles of reds, whites, roses, and everything in between. Their menu  was extensive without being overwhelming. I ended up choosing a half pour of their featured Chianti & another half pour of their New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. Delicious!
If you were like me and thought a wine bar wouldn’t serve food, you are (gladly) mistaken. Foxcroft features a full menu of items ranging from flatbreads to sliders to daily chef’s choice bruschetta. Though I had eaten before (zoodles, duh) I snagged a couple of bites of the charcuterie board which was as delicious as it was beautiful. 
If you’re a Charlotte wine lover, definitely check this place out. I visited the Dilworth location but have heard the Southpark location is just as neat. 


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